My name is Erik Anderson. You have guided yourself to my homepage. I say "Welcome" and have a look around. There is a lot of information that will help you get to know me.

Current News

I have been so busy and it has been so long since I have updated my site. I apologize for the lack of information. I have gotten completely out of the computer and IT industry, as a profession that is. Back in Frebruary of 2005 I bought a little newly opened Hot Dog place in Bloomsburg, PA. It had only been open for 4 months and the guy who started it couldn't take the hours and just wanted back what he put into the business. I bought it from him and has grown it from there. So far business has tripled from where it was when I bought it. I am looking at expanding it even further and hopefully some day opening more locations.

I have also built a new house. Shannon and I bought 10 acres of land on Badman's Hill in Paxinos, PA and built a new house there. I love that house, it is every bit as good as I designed it. The builder threw in a lot of extras and I couldn't be happier with it. My builder is Yordy Builders and is based out of Stonington, PA.


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Fresh Information

Here is a little quiz about me, - it is awefully fun, maybe you would want to make one for yourself

Here is a Spec. Sheet on me, - it will give you some detail into who I am, you can cheat on the quiz with it

Here is an funny video I found. I don't know who made it or where it came from but it is funny.

What is this world coming to? Political Correctness at its best

Past News

Well I have had so many things going on since the wedding. Shannon and I are getting ready to build a house. I designed it with a program called Punch Pro. I didn't think it could be so easy. We found a floorplan/ house design that we both liked. We then gutted it and went through and redesigned it. It took about 5 months in all to come up with a final plan.

Besides that I am also in the middle of a career change. As of March 25th, 2004 I will have my bachelors degree in Business Administration with a focus on management. Since I left U.S. Army contracting with Unisys Corporation I took a job with a production company in Harrisburg called JPL Productions.

Well I did it and it was great. Shannon looked so beautiful in her dress. I couldn't believe I was marrying her, how lucky I felt. I hope everyone that was at my wedding had a great time. I know I did. I wish I could do it all again, over and over. The band(Vic Boris, Rob Ensinger, and crew) did a great job. We had the Godfather's "Italian Dinner Music" during the reception meal and "Golden Oldies" all night. I don't believe I have ever danced so much. Vic played everything from Sinatra and Dean Martin to "Roll Out the Barrel" and I danced to just about every song. It went way too fast.

It has happened, only it is my turn now. My wedding day is August 2, 2003. I know I am ready for it. It won't be a huge change in my life in the beginning but I am so looking forward to it.

Well some big changes have happened in my life. Most recently my contract ended with Unisys Corporation and the US Army. To my luck, 2 days before my contract was to end I got a call from and was hired by a local harrisburg production company, JPL Productions. They are a major corporate communications company. I got a nice month long vacation between Unisys and JPL, which I enjoyed greatly.

It has finally happened. My brother is now officially married. I am currently compiling pictures from the wedding for my site, for now this is all I have. The wedding took place on October 26th in Shamokin, PA. Jon borrowed a brand new Ford Thunderbird from one of his buddies at work. What a sweet car, wish I had one. This was one of the best weddings I have ever been at. It really does make a difference being in the wedding party as opposed to just attending one.

I am currently trying my hardest to find a home. I have been searching around the Coal Region for a place to settle in at. If I am going to continue working where I am at then this is where I will stay. The commute to Harrisburg isn't very long. If I take a job somewhere else then I will move out of the area.

Check out my home design link at the very bottom of the page, I recently finished my dream home and have the floor plans on here. Let me know what you think. If you have any ideas please email them to me.

My birthday was on June 14th and for a present my fiancee bought me a puppy. She is a female Yellow Lab. "Aussie" is the name I chose for her. She was born on May 11th and we picked her up on July 1st. Before we picked her up the breeder had her put through a physical and because of her being a purebred lab she got xrays. She is sooo cute, I have pictures of her in my photo album, go take a look. It has been over 6 months since my last dog "Pepsi" died from cancer. I didn't realize how much I missed having a dog.

I am also soon going to begin my fifth semester at Central Pennsylvania College. This semester I am taking Project Management and Structured Programming. My major is Management and I am slowly but surely working towards my degree.

I finally go the chance to go and see Disneyworld. Disneyworld is a great place. Lots of fun, and the weather is awesome! It was also my first time flying. I'm still not too crazy about it. The flying part wasn't bad. What I didn't like was that we could not get a direct flight from Allentown, PA to Orlando, FL. We had to hop from Allentown to Cincinnati and the down to Orlando. We had a 1.5 to 3 hour layover both going and coming back. That was the worst part. I would have preferred driving to Baltimore and getting a direct flight.

  It has been a busy spring. I just finished taking PennDOT's Motorcycle Rider's Safety Course . I completed it and finally have recieved my Motorcycle License and got a discount on my insurance.

Fishing season is here and I need some way to attach my rod to the bike so I can go and hit up Clark's Creek. I have all the supplies I need, last summer a group of us bought a master flytyer and fisherman's entire stock. All I need now is a way to haul some of it on the bike.

This past Valentine's day weekend I took the plunge and got engaged to my fiancee Shannon at this small pub in New Cumberland, PA. It was so well planned. I spent the week making arrangements with the manager. We set it up so that at the end of dinner they would bring out a plate of chocolate covered strawberries with the ring in the middle on a jewelry store finger display. She was so suprised and delighted at the gift.

Also in big news she bought me this beautiful Suzuki Savage . I got the bike just in time for spring. I already have close to 600 miles logged on it.


Beginning in June 1997 when I had graduated High School, I was involved in many activities, football, track and field, chorus, dance, having a lead in my school's musical, etc. My life was packed to the brim with activities. I graduated high school in the middle of June and started college less then a month later, July 11th. School for me was not a traditional university, it was a small private art school. The school ran for 18 months straight, split into 6 semesters, with only 2 week breaks in between. I graduated from College in December of 1998 and began immediately working in Lewisburg, PA for a marketing company as a multimedia designer. I only worked there for a short time when I realized that it was going to go nowhere. I took up a job working for one of my buddies with construction, he was just starting out and needed a hand. I also freelanced on the side. I spent most of my free time looking for a job close to home. It was pretty fruitless, unless I wanted to work for $6.50 an hour. Finally, I decided to look outside my hometown for a job and in March of 2000 I was picked up to work full time for Unisys Corp. as an IT contractor for the Department of Defense. I have nothing more than an Associates Degree in multimedia design. My company has offerings for continuing education and I have decided to utilize them. In the the fall of 2001 I began my journey at The College of Central Pennsylvania. I am in their Business Administration Bachelor's program, with a major in Management.


I have many interesting hobbies. Some of my favorite activities are:
Fly Fishing- Link to FlyFishing.com a very good resource for creek conditions and free email.
Motorcycling- Link to Suzuki my motorcyle of choice.
Walking- Link to Men's Health.com lots of great articles.
Web Design- Link to Macromedia.com this is where I get my tools for designing web pages.
Logo Design- Link to Adobe.com this is where I get my Illustration, graphic and photo editing tools.
Automotive Sound System Design- Link to a good custom car audio website.
Home Design- This is one of my pages, I have the house I am currently planning, and information on it.


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